Club Go Pro and Go Pro links

The club's Go Pro Hero-4 Black with pelican case is now functional and is available to members after they submit a request to the webmaster stating how it will be used for a donkey or mule related activity and when and for how long it is required. click this to create an e-mail to the webmaster. After prioritizing requests and discussing any time conflicts with applicants the webmaster will ship the Go-pro and a number of SMALL parts and mounts including the user manual to a member in good standing in a Pelican Case via Greyhound or other common carrier, so be sure to provide a shipping address and appropriate instructions in your submission.

There is a moderate learning curve to using the Go Pro and an even steeper curve to learning how to transform your movie images into a You-tube like production. BEFORE making a request for the device please review appropriate tutorials on the internet to ensure you believe your time with the Go-Pro will result in videos the club can use to promote our long ears capabilities. There are a very large number of tutorials available and not everyone learns in the same way so no recommendations will be made here other than to point to the official Go Pro help page

The club also got a remote control for the Go-Pro, but the remote does not allow preview of the camera, just on and off and other settings control. A smart phone with WiFi or i-Pad or similar device may after acquiring the appropriate app and use of such a device is recommended for best results. Again a tutorial for your preferred control device is highly recommended.

Here is a pdf with pictures of three mounting positions. to consider, but many other mounts and techniques are possible. A 150MB video made with the Go Pro in those positions has been created. The video is called Xote's Debut. A donkey's perspective of some "in hand work".

You Tube links

Check out You Tube videos with the Alberta Donkey and Mule Club members