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The first of these relates to Jack Behavior and is maintained at Saddle Mule News

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Training and riding tips for a saddle DONKEY
Why a Mule
What You Can Do Before He's Two
Conformation Saddle and Tack Fitting
What Can a Donkey Do?
Importance of waiting for maturity in equines?
Pearls of Wisdom
Mule Psychology 101
An Introduction to the Donkey & Mule
Handling Your New Mule Baby
Training Donkeys
Tooth Care
To Breed or Not to Breed That Jennet
Mules Motivation & Learning
Mules are not Long-eared Horses
Methods of Breeding Donkeys
Foaling out the Donkey Jennet
Protecting Livestock with Guard Donkeys
Dental Care for Mules & Donkeys
Donkeys in Cattle Halter Breaking
Buying a Donkey Needn't be Difficult
Breeding for a Mule
Are Mules for You?
Another Point of View
All About Donkeys
A Vet Suggests
ADMC 2014 Breeders List
Donkey Wellness Symposium report
Foot care notes - especially for farriers
Castratrating donkes and mules

Terry Wagner articles

Dry Spots - Part 1
Dry Spots - Part 2
Sore Spots - Part 3
Seat Games - Part 1
Seat Games - Part 2
Seat Games - Part 3
Seat Games - Part 4
Buying a Saddle - Part 1
Buying a Saddle - Part 1a
Buying a Saddle - Part 2

Club Stuff - including show and demo policys

Entering a HORSE show with longears
Policy to qualify for club name association and endorsement at demos and competitions
Demo and Parade Show Guidelines
Club Logo in Pdf form

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