ADMC is initiating a new e-mail system to send club notices and other information to those who are members or may have indicated an interest in clinics or newsletters in the past. There are several features available with this system including the option to opt out of receiving the missives! An initial e-mail will be sent with a link to more details as well as a PASSWORD which you will need to utilize those features.

We are learning about these features ourselves so please be patient with us if things do not go smoothly at first. Also we are setting up a number of mailing lists and some of you will be on multiple lists which will mean multiple introduction e-mails AND PASSWORDS.

Thanks in advance for your patience, we hope the initial problems will be worth the extra features - webmaster

Apparently patience did not prevail and the new e-mail system has been abandon.

From time to time some disturbing reports are brought to our attention. This is one of them

If you read that report, you will need some cheering up, so check this out

The club has set some rules/guidelines regarding participation in events in which you identify you and your animal with the ADMC. They can be viewed in this document also some comments about participating at HORSE shows can be reviewed with this

The November newsletter is here

The December newsletter is now available here

The club continues to highlight a resource file that was been added for donkey owners to review with their farriers. Check out the donkey hoof care document.

Participants in the Colt Starting [ or restarting] class at the Jerry Tindell Clinic at Lakedell Arena, Westerose AB. in June. Jerry's in the middle on his great mule Doc who assisted all the colts in the round pen.

This site has lots (couldn't come up with a better word; plethora sounds to highbrow!) of good information and contains most of what you need to come out and enjoy your time with donkeys and mules. Learn about donkey and mule terms, events, resources... we even point you to breeders so you can enjoy your very own donkey or mule!

Look around the site, enjoy the pictures and decide if donkeys and mules are for you. ...Or, if you already know these special equines have a place in your heart - no need to own one to start having fun! Join the Alberta Donkey and Mule Club now!